Thank you IFC!

My subscription has ended. Now, as I won’t be able to buy another one after my exams (Around 23NOV20) I will be doing one post per week, because I still have a lot of them I didn’t uploaded. The IFC is amazing,very loveful. Thank you people, cheers from Mallorca!! 🛫

But of course I’ll stay in the community!!

Four years in IF.
Two months in IFPro.
Two months in the IFC.


Your posts were great! Are you staying the the community? You can still post non-pro pictures


Real shame that your sub is gone, but hey, you never know what the future has in store for you. And you can always stay on the IFC without a sub.

Great photo too!


Yeah, you still get a decent amount of content for non-pro. You can still post some great stuff! :)


@GBKarp @Butter_Boi @Mattheus yes, I will continue in the IFC. And you are right, with non-ore you can still get a lot of content, but Im not really comfortable flying always in the same regions with the same planes. That’s why I won’t fly. Maybe someday I’ll some pattern work, but not commercial flights.


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