Thank you IFC users for this long road

Hello IFC users. I would like to announce that I will not be posting on the forum for months as my IF subscription expires tomorrow early morning. I will now move forward and continue with my life and striving for my goals. The reason I am not renewing my subscription is because I have many things to do and I am a very busy person at the moment. I am going to say though that it is not a full good bye as I will be renewing my subscription for IF in months to come. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank this community for everything that they have done for me. I have been part of this community and this simulator since May of 2018. All the great ATC services I provided and flights are not gone. I will return to it soon. Again thanks IFC for amazing services!


You do know you don’t have to have a subscription to be on here right? I haven’t had a subscription in months, sure that means I don’t care about #live, #live:va, #live:events, #atc, etc, but that’s far from all that’s here…


That is true. I’m just not posting on this forum for a while as I’m busy doing things


Good luck, until we meet again! Be safe! @Aidan0629


Thank you @Michael_Sides1 be safe as well. Don’t worry I will return soon.


That’s good, I get that, just saying don’t think there’s not point without a subscription…


Bye @Aidan0629! I hope you enjoy everything down the line in your life, and thanks for the post.


Always sad to see someone depart from the forum and Infinite Flight! We will miss you and wish you good luck!!


Goodbye for now, as always we love to accept people here, and I’m sure you’d be more tha. welcomed back. You must have great ATC services if Tyler Sheldon liked it!

I have been part of the IFC for 1 and a quarter years, but been active on it every day from the day I purchased IF, which was not too long ago, on the 17th February, 2019.

(Bad quality, I couldn’t screenshot it since my account on that tablet is one I’m setting up for new VA * not advertising it just an FYI *)

Since then I’ve racked up 600 hours 😂
That’s basically 25 and a half hours a week flying, and I’ve just been on a 3 week holiday… (that wasn’t included since that’s the only time I haven’t had a subscription since.)


Hope to see you back on the IFC soon!


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