Thank you IFATC

So as you know last week EWR was featured and it was awesome and it got to say thank you because it was my home airport, my UVA Hub and my favorite airport also I want to say I big thank you to the ATC it was busy on Monday and you all acted all professional and had the hole place under control and when I was taking off on runway 22R there was plane landing on 22L it was really cool so thank you IFATC thank you for bringing love to my favorite airport.


That’s what we are here for, to make you “the pilot” satisfied! We are all trained to do our best!


This probably belongs in #live or #atc

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I’d say to put this in #atc just on experience from previous topics similar to this one.


Ok I will do it now

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Another positive comment which is what all IFATC should be receiving, they train really hard and strive to be the best at what they do.

TTPP is my home airport, in a country in the Caribbean and IFATC was there yesterday for controlling on expert but then I was ghosted there which is kinda embarrassing but I deserved it, I did not know about a hold marking and thought the side with the dots meant to cross no matter what and went onto the runway. A responsible ghost from an IFATC to ensure only experts stay on expert server! 😀


Thank you for flying in or out of there! :)

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Wow good job taking responsibility for your actions. It’s rare to see that.


I’ve done the opposide once in the dark lol (held short of the exit of the runway). Didn’t realize there was a taxiway between 22l and 22r at KEWR.


side with the dots bit is true IRL, but due to a glitch some of the markings in IF are reversed even though they’re correct in the editor.

Annoys me greatly when I notice them, just have to be mindful of where the runways on the airport are.


Posts like this one motivate me to continue providing ATC services on the expert server.


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