Thank you IF

I haven’t been active lately on IFFG or here. That is because I recently purchased Xplane 10 and a new PC. Some might say this post is off topic. Well I would just like to say thanks to IFATC, FDS and everyone who has helped me over the past year and a half. Most of my knowledge that I use to fly on VATSIM and Xplane came from Infinite Flight. The phraseology, Navigation, flight planning and operations all I learnt from being part of this wonderful flight sim and community. Finally a message to those who constantly want more and more, remember this is a mobile app and it still has a large number of aircraft, realistic systems and ATC. It is actually a really useful tool if you want to learn to fly.
Thanks again
I can comment the specs if you would like.


I would love the specs, I’m building a new computer after I found my last one smoking. I’m also glad that IF has helped you so much, it really is an exceptional game.


Intel i5 6500
MSI Radeon RX 470
G Skill 16GB DDR4 RAM
B150M-A ASUS Motherboard
Corsair CX500w
1TB hard drive
Corsair case that I don’t know the name of
LG 1080p monitor
Corsair Raptor HS30 headset
Cheap optical drive and wifi router


IF is exceptional at what it does. FDS made some design choices and now have an unrivaled position in the mobile market. I join you in commending the developers.


Same here, where are you building it from, website wise. Im using Ironside :)

We should fly some time on XPlane or Vatsim :)

Yeah we should. Where do you normally fly? I normally fly Westjet routes and the occasional route in Europe using the x737

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JetBlue routes. always. JARDesign A320 :)

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Guys - as good as other sims may be, remember that this is an Infinite Flight forum. You shouldn’t really be talking about other flight sims unless you’re in the #lounge where discussions like these are tolerated. Thanks. :)


I can say that as well. I’ve definitely been able to expand my knowledge gained from IF and put it to use in other ways.

I wouldn’t recommend posting about other sims unless it’s in the lounge though. :)


Thanks, good idea :)

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I’m using CyberPowerPC. :)

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Nice, I currently have an ibuypower :)

Whats #lounge? Some secret room?

It’s not secret at all. It’s just another category only accessible to regulars.

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Maybe you’ll know when you stayed in the forums long enough 😉

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Someday, I hope to get to see the mysterious lounge.

Just stick around long enough and you guys’ll see 😉

what did you do with your 420 computer?

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