Thank you IF

I am not writing this for any occasion or anything like that, but I would just like to sit down and thank people for the lovely community they have formed.

@Butter575 you have always made the coolest events and are a lovely member of this community.

@BennyBoy_Alpha has contributed so much to the community in his time here, even by his little “Have a great rest of your day!” at the end of a message.

@Robertine with his amazing pictures and all that he posts. They are a joy to view.

@ThatOneFloridaAvGeek @aviator1 @swfl-pilot and other Floridian fellow friends from down here in the Sunshine State. It’s a pleasure to share an experience with friends from the same state as you.

@DeerCrusher and @schyllberg you guys are some of the best and hardest-working mods out there. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all of the IFAET members - your work is incredible. Thank you for all you do.

All other mods, keep doing what you do best - keeping this forum amazing. Devs at this game, you are awesome.

I really appreciate the diversity of these fellow community members - whether they be from the US, France, or anywhere else. It’s unique how many people around the world share the same interests.

And finally, thank you to all of the members of this community who make it a more pleasant and amazing place to be. You guys are all amazing.

Have an awesome day! See you guys in the next post.


Aww thanks for the thanks! And thank you for being a part of this wonderful community!


Thank you for being apart of our amazing community! It wouldn’t be the same without you! :)


This genuinely made my day! Thanks for being a part of this amazing community!

Have a great rest of your day!


@Butter575 taught me everything I know about events


If you guys have anybody you feel the need to shout out if I haven’t already, please feel free to say why you are thankful for them.


Thank you!


That’s me🤭


I will probably re-boot this topic for Thanksgiving. Either way, it’s not too early to be grateful!

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Thanks, I’m from and born in Florida but live in Jamaica, will be coming back to visit Florida this summer hopefully :)


Thanks for the mention though!

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Totally agree. The IFC is a very special place, meeting people from all over the world whether from seeing each other on Live, virtual organizations such as IFATC, etc, or live events. The IFC really has a special dynamic which is one of the best things about this community. Nice to see a fellow Floridian:)


Thank you! As someone who just moved to SWFL, it’s great to feel welcomed by the aviation community!

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No problem! Hope you enjoy your stay here on the IFC, and in SWFL!

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There’s some awesome and dedicated workers here in the community. I joined in 2015 and to that it is still thriving is a testament to their hard work. To all who have contributed over the years: Thank you for giving this entire sim and platform so much of your valuable time. We all truly appreciate it.


I enjoy appreciating people.

To quote the very wise man who once said,

“It’s one thing to appreciate something and some one for what they have done. It’s twice as amazing to be appreciated by someone else. It’s okay to be both.”

-said by @Waxyscorpion308

Does anybody have anything to be grateful for in IF?

much mahalos

IFATC! Definetly

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