Thank you IF

So I think you all know the school year is starting unfortunately and I won’t be on that much but since tomorrow is my first day of school I wanted to say thank you IF thank you for one awesome summer I also wanted to say thank you @UnitedVirtual for making me a part of the UVA and all the staff there to thank you IF thank you for one awesome summer!


That’s always nice to hear.

Next time I recommend you post here :)

I definitely enjoyed my summer IF days.


I’m glad you enjoyed a great summer of infinite flight! And with UVAL? That makes it even better for sure.


Yeah… I’m in the same situation as you right now so I wish you the best of luck! Also enjoy the VA because they are really fun to be apart of 😄


I have to agree, it was a very fun summer! Cant wait for the next! :)

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Good luck this semester!!

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Thank you best of luck to you to!