Thank You IF Staff Team!

I know there has been a few of these, but I wanted to give my own. I just wanted to thank everyone on the staff team. I mean, really. Look how far we have came in the past year. New aircrafts, 3D airports, clouds, and so much more. I am even more thankful now for the new addition in 21.6 where we can see what gates are where on the airport. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, if you are on the airport ground for say in a cargo aircraft, you can now look on the map on IF and see where the Cargo gates are. It is a great addition to help pilots add realism and also a way to help. not have to look at the charts for an airport to see what gates are where. Thank you to everyone in the community too! everyone on this community helps each other out and there is never anything I have seen negative on here. Even if something bad is on here, we have great mods too that keep the community clean!! So in conclusion, thank you to not just staff, but everyone who makes this game and community enjoyable.

Good Day to All!

Deakin Pope


I agree with you, IF has come such a long way. I am really grateful for their hard work.

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This is refreshing from the last topic lol

What i didnt know about this lol
this definetly deserves a ‘Thank you to the IF team!’

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