Thank You IF Staff Members And IFC


Hi everyone today I want to appreciate the HD scenery in Panama City, Panama ,I just want to thank all the IF staff members for there hard work it’s greatly appreciated I’ve been waiting for this and let me tell you it’s awesome. I’m very great full for this and I bet the community is as well, I can’t believe the time has come we all been waiting a long time and it’s already here yeeeeee🥳 I love Panama if you can tell , I bet this was hard work and it payed off it was definitely worth the wait I can’t say thank you enough. Just want to let out my appreciation for the community and the staff members for this beautiful update. You know a long time ago when I fist got IF Panama was just all fuzzy and now look beautiful HD scenery!!! You know to me that’s awesome that not only parts of the world are HD but the ENTIRE WORLD IS HD!!!

Also I want to give credit for the A320 updated cockpit it’s crazy cool before it was just the XCub but now the A320 that’s awesome I believe that IF is getting better and better every day. The A320 I’m glad the cockpit has moving instruments it’s pure realism. Now we can fly all over the world with HD with the A320 is amazing. I can’t wait for what’s next for IF in the future I definitely support this game it’s the best there is and I love that , also thank you Community for you’re support on this update it made the wait even quicker , I still can’t believe that this is really happening it blows my mind haha. Anyway I hope the staff members appreciate this and the community thank you for your hard work I’m excited about this.

(A320 Frontier)
Just look at that it’s awesome awesome and awesome now this is what I’m talking about everything moves just like in real life that’s what I love about this update before the A320 cockpit was all fuzzy and now look it’s actually like in a real cockpit. I greatly appreciate this just as I do for the HD scenery update. I can’t wait to see what happens next I know we’re going to have the A350 but that’s a different topic but it’s awesome just thinking about it :) Anyway back on topic I never know that the A320 was getting a update but big surprise for me yeeeaaa🥳 I can’t wait to fly the A320 it may become one of the airplanes I fly regularly. I bet this took a lot of hard work for this cockpit update and this is also greatly appreciated I can’t say thank you enough. I love this game very much I’ll be playing it for ever :) Have a great day/ night IFC and staff members.

This Goes To Staff Members, I really love what you guys are doing I hope this brings joy to you keep up the great work.


Yep. It’s pretty great, isn’t it. Although I don’t know if a whole topic is needed to voice your thanks. Can be done in the original topic.


Ok thank you I’m sorry will do next time buddy 👍🏽


Just be aware of other topics you can post this in, because I see you posting lots of topics which are unnecessary and could just be put in the original thread. :)

Yes I know for next time sorry about that


You have created two thank you topics in less than a 14 hours. If you really want to thank IF, give them 5 stars and help them by giving a great review.


Yes as the others said I know for next time 👍🏽👍🏽I will definitely give ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Stars thank you @Cole_Collins

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