Thank you, IF, and IFC

It’s been a great journey. IF, and IFC has made me so many friends, and this is probably the nicest community I’ve ever been on, I know I said I was leaving last time but came back.

I will actually be leaving now, as I use Microsoft Flight Simulator, now, and wish to go study politics.

Thank you so much everyone, especially @ran @Adventures and @Adrian_K.



It is always sad when someone leaves but it is always the memories that will stay! And remember this, you are always welcomed back!

I wish you the best of luck in your future and hopefully we see you again!


What 🤔?

Wish you the best in your endeavors!


Oh wow I didn’t expect to be tagged in this. Um. . .thank you as well August. Wishing you well on your endeavors. It was nice flying with you while you were involved in IF.

Oh Thats too bad. IFC will Welcome you if you come back!

See you soon 👋🏻😄