Thank You Healthcare Workers! | Special Helicopter Spotting

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I hope everyone is doing well during these crazy times! Today I want to share something special with all of you. We are all appreciative of the workers who everyday put themselves at risk to help communities stay safe from COVID-19. The loudest voice has been of people thanking healthcare workers who are on the front lines. Today, I want to share my appreciation for the healthcare flight crews that together transport hundreds of patients all over the world! Glenwood Springs is where one can find Valley View Hospital, a small community hospital situated in the mountains of Colorado. Here, patients are transported everyday to larger hospitals in Denver and Grand Junction. Many flight teams, including Classic Air Medical (who has a home base in Glenwood), AirLife Denver, Flight for Life, Care Flight, Children’s Flight for Life, and sometimes others as well. I must note that the following photos only include Classic Air Medical and AirLife Denver as other flight crews have not visited in recently or in daylight, but I am still thankful for their contributions! Together, these teams save the lives of people, not only of those who are infected with COVID-19, but of those with other injuries and illnesses.

Thank you Healthcare Workers!

Here are some photos of the flight crews in action:

Photos 1-7 are of Classic Air Medical’s N7160V, a Bell 407. This specific helicopter is an unusual visitor as it is temporarily replacing N407CN:

Here is a low quality shot of N407CN from last week. As I mentioned before, this is the helicopter that is typically in Glenwood Springs:

There are several other companies that also transport patients out of Valley View Hospital, including AirLife Denver. The last two photos are of one of their Bell 407s. This one is N773AL:

All photos were taken with my Canon Rebel T6 (75-300mm lens)

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Be sure to check out my Instagram! You can view more photos taken by me here: 👇

Thank you for viewing my photos! If you have any comments, feedback, or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Also, comment your favorite below! Stay safe and healthy everyone! And remember to thank those working on the frontlines in your community! It will make their day!


great shots! Keep it up!!!

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Thank you! Sorry I don’t have a bird this week.

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I like the colourful liveries! 🌈

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