Thank you, good day = I'm not providing traffic control to you!

Well…The players don’t listen to the instructions in playground is just a daily problem. All we can do in playground is give the best instruction to let player listen to us. But it’s important that we should do our best. Please don’t give up, thank you.

As a playground ATC, l always choose to control KSAN and KPSP, sometimes in WSSS or WMKK.
Name: IFCN - Watson

WSSS eh? Don’t disappoint me… :)

Go to regions other than DoCal. Smart people will go to other places.

I think imma open a session on a less huste and bustle airport like WSSS or (Probably) LFPG rather than KLAX

Training for an ATC on SoCal is a tough one to me :(

Sometimes, It’s Same like You’re facing 1000 (old) nickchans


WSSS will eventually be hustle and bustle whenever I control… Somehow…

What sort of a sorcery is this?!

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