Thank you, good day = I'm not providing traffic control to you!

I’m recently very passionately playing as an ATC in California area, but I’m having more and more ignorant players not listening to my instructions. If I say go around, it was because there was a traffic landing ahead of the runway. Anyway, If you see me as an ATC and if I say “Thank you, good day” to your comms, it means I’m hands-off from you.

Just a rant, but please, people. Listen to your ATC. I know it’s hard without the live communication but… sigh


Avoid SoCal… Try other regions

This is Playground so you have to bear with it…

I guess you’re new? If you’re new, keep controlling and once you’re ready, ask a scout to help you…

Here: ATC Training Team


Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m pretty much good with the ATC training. I think I just need Grade 3 for test application and I’ll be off this playground.

Yeap you’re on your way away from the Playground madness :))


Oh and by the way, I usually just blacklist a pilot by ignoring him/her throughout my controlling session

It’s like getting them to have a taste of their own medicine since they like to ignore me when I tell them to do something… You get what I mean?

I control frequently at WSSS

Yep, I do the same thing,I just say “THX GD DAY” for 2 times and completely ignore the guy. but it’s a pain to have so many ignorant guys on my screen (it’s pain to scrolling to look for the guy I want)

Interesting!what if he’s on final…are you just lined up someone

Nah I just ignore him all the way

But I still make spacing as if I lost verbal contact with the aircraft

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Actually, there was a aircraft lading HEAD-ON to the guy ignored the go-around. I told the innocent aircraft to go-around and he did. I felt so sorry for him.


The guy on the runway will rate you low

This happens mostly if someone ignores an immediate take off

Nope. was not the case.

Yes it wasn’t but in my case that’s the Most not all cases

While the rest who knows what’s going on will report him

I have people insisting on the opposite runway direction when there’s already an established runway direction (i.e. 02)

The test entails a lot more than you would think. :)

There’s a written and practical portion, and you must get at least a 80% on the written in order to move on to the practical. As Nat mentioned, it would be great to contact a scouter if you feel confused or have any questions on certain concepts. It’s better to get help for it and do it the right way the first time instead of bombing it and having to wait two weeks to retake.

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Finally someone gets my name right! ;)

Anyways I know you’re my current assigned scouter but well you live in the U.S. so the time will be quite incompatible so I thought of maybe changing scout to someone nearer to my timezone

To be honest i don’t really understand ATC commands so even if i play live(very unlikely) i would also be like pretty bad and i have been ATC before so just bear with it @Scott_Kyu

You sir
I can teach you ze basics

Ok sure thx u mind if u msg me

You Joel Goh right…? If yes we can talk in IFSIAVA instead lo