Thank you from VABB ATC

Thanks for flying to VABB today around 6pm IST OR 12.30Z

Singapore 69
Air India 3033
Cathay 5
Red Knight 102

Good to get some practice. Nothing else gets the adrenaline flowing but some live drills. Very much appreciated. Sorry if there were a few errors or delays.

Would also appreciate your feedback. Sorry, I couldn’t get all your usernames in time, else I would have tagged you’ll onto this mail.

Thanks also to Air India 756 for flying out to VAUD.

Am happy to try &control at VABB whenever I get the opportunity.

Ketan Sanghvi


On the expert server?

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No, Training Server. Am not IFATC.

Nice, if you have any questions regarding ATC feel free to pm me. I don’t know everything as I am still in the recruitment process but I’ll help when I can.

Thanks. Will do so. When is your practical controlling test?

It’s not scheduled yet, I will probably take it late this week or this weekend.

Good luck!

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