Thank you for your patience!

Hello Everyone!

If you were on the KLAX playground around 1030 PST You were most likely contacting me on the tower. I was experimenting the tower frequencies using 133.9 for the 25 series runways and the 120.95 freq for the 24 (north) runways. It seemed to work once I had a system down and it was great!!! I had a fun time. I can easily switch back and forth and was able to control traffic with such flow.

I appreciate you patience during that time and I hope I helped get your flights departed on time.

Just a reminder, the instruction of " line up and wait" which is used in real life ATC means to line yourself up on the runway and be prepared to take off. it does not mean hold short of the runway.

Again thank you for your patience and have a safe flight! :)

Castle 55