Thank You for the Update

I want to stop and take a breather from flying nonstop with the new update and new free cam and new wing flex and aircraft etc and look around…look what has happened!! Infinite flight has taken a huge step forward in terms of its development! We inquired and asked and they delivered.
How many people love this new update? I cannot get over how more realistic it has become and more enjoyable!!! So without further ado let me thank the Develoeprs Philip and Laura for this astounding update!! What a huge breakthrough. Thank you to the airport editions for the new edited airports for your efforts. Thank you to the IFATC for the new commands and the holding patterns being implemented. Overall…I rate this update 9/10 (and that is huge for me since I am critical of any update released no matter how small)

You guys have made my week “infinitely” better!!! Thank you!
@jasonrosewell are you covering this in your next podcast ;) lol. Today has been awesome. I got to have a FlightCast flight with my hero Jason. That made it the most awe,some and memory worthy flight I have ever flown since joining. But to have this huge update on top in the same night with FNF I would say I speechless but I’ve let this run on and on…#ILOVEOURDEVS❤️


Don’t post, rate :)

Thanks for the support; after tonight’s issue that made Laura and I cancel our friday evening plans to address and fix them asap, it is really heartwarming to get some recognition from our awesome community!

Cheers, and don’t forget to update your rating/reviews in the app store after each update, it is the best way to support us!


Thanks so much for the great app!

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I’m headed over to the App Store for not one not two not three and yes not four but s five out of five gold star review!!! You guys…I um I um well I better head over hehe (smiles weakly) I think I’m going to faint from excitement. Without you guys…no Ifninite Flight. Without you guys…no new update today!
Not all heroes wear capes! ❤️

I <3 Infinite Flight

I wear a cape when I code :)


And I’m sorry you had to cancel your night plans. This shows your dedication that you would cancel your plans and focus purely on fixing the issues that arise. Want to know who has become the greatest? Just click on Devs and find someone called “Phillip and Laura” 😊

I see… You too like to live wildly.

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Ah thus the real secret is revealed!!! ;)


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Haha and he has just become that more cool just because of that comment!!! The coding masked developer…🎉🎈

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