Thank you for the Ops

Just wanted to give a big thank you for whoever was controlling KDEN last night. Everything was smooth!!
Also, is there anyone like myself on IF that actually works at KDEN, let me know!!

United 154


I don’t exactly work at KDEN, but I’m an airport ambassador at the airport irl.


What do airport ambassadors do?

@Mort volunteers that assist passengers out by answering questions that some might have.

Used to work for Denver Airport Operations!


I work for United as an A&P. Im currently working Concourse B, gates 38-55.


Hopefully soon my status with the forum will upgrade so i can start sharing pictures.


thanks for coming by @GHOST01 !

Thanks for flying in KDEN!

Of course! I enjoy flying in and out of Denver. Arrivals and departures are great because you’ve got runways pointing every direction. Once i get transferred back home to Nashville i will start flying alot of routes from there.

@Joseph007 summed it up pretty well. I describe it more as telling people where security is. Where I volunteer, that basically all I do.

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Thats good though! Its all part of making the whole airport experience a little more bearable!

You should see some of the people I interact with. If you’re looking for something slower go to the United check in, if you want crazy go to Southwest/Frontier.