Thank You For the IFATC’s That Were At The Airports on our ATC schedule for today!

Dear IFATC’s of Today’s Schedule,

First I would like to Thank all the IFATC’s at (ZBAA) and (ZGGG) for guaranteeing me a smooth flight today because of your Fantastic Professionalism. Besides these IFATC’s at those airports shown above, the rest of you IFATC’s also make sure you show professionalism and Dedication to your Job and make sure that our Great Pilots have a smooth flight and get to our destination Safely. The amount of professionalism shown by ALL of you is incredible and can get you in the future working at (KATL) or (KJFK) [Lol ^^] in real life. I would like you all to continue this Awesome Work so we can continue to feel this realism for the time Infinite fight is Available to play in the App Store. NOW that I have your attention, can someone tell me why their was no IFATC’s as Center between these two airports that could’ve prevented my close 5 Midair collisions on my route? 😀😂 See Now I’m your head. Oh why you sitting there embarrassed, hmm? 😂 I almost had a Midair collision with @DennisQHD who was unfortunately flying above me 😆 and @Tommy and a few more which remained Anonymous during my flight which is why I couldn’t get a name. This is the importance of “CENTER” IFATC’S!!😫. Besides the point you all are Awesome and Professional! Thank you for your Time!
(This was a Joke and their is no Hard feelings towards you all. I just didn’t want anyone to think I was serious and go off on the wrong page. You all are Awesome and most definitely a productive community!)


Before you IFATC’s start going off on me 😆

I will make sure that I continue to Thank you all for your Realism as IFATC in infinite flight. ❤️

You have to be qualified to open Center, that’s why it is not as busy as Ground and Tower. also especially in these times people are starting to get back into the normal school/work because of covid so it may not be that busy as well. with your collision situation you could always go down 2,000 or go up 2,000 or slow down/speed up to avoid a collision with the aircraft in front of you.

It was a Joke. Also with what you said, yes I was going to go down 2,000ft below you but I looked at your route and you were going to start moving away from me shortly. I then proceeded to turn away from you so I can get some distance and it worked out fine 🙂

oh 😂 sorry, it’s hard to tell sarcasm from text. my bad. yes i think i did see you behind me.

Behind? Under you 😭😭😭

And I’m sorry for the confusion! ❤️ I just wanted to make a joke about my route that’s all 🙂

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