Thank you for the Future Updates

I just want to take some time to thank those who are working so hard on the new upcoming updates!!! Some may see I am deviating somewhat from my IFATC SUPPORT threads but I have been going through several random threads just to meet people and focus on interesting questions etc…one thing I see regularly is the new update with the new aircraft upcoming!
This is going to be such a wonderful update as well as global flights!!! The thing I’m not unfortunately seeing are people taking the time to thank those so heavily involved! Thank you to the developers and aircraft construction workers for taking your time to improve this game. Wow Infinte Flight has such an amazing group of talented individuals who share the same communal urge to fly!



The devs work around the clock to satisfy us
Imagine living like that for a coupla weeks :(

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Exactly and all they get out of it are “when’s the next update” and “put this livery in” and “why is it taking so long”!
I’m not saying I don’t wonder the exact same things, just taking the time to let those involved know that there are pilots and ATC out there who salute you guys and somewhat appreciate how much you are doing. Imagine what it would be like…

Whenever we buy a plane or a live subscription, that’s like thanking them. :)


True it’s the words that come after haha but yes thank you Nathan for pointing that out!!! 😊

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Again a Like-Catcher topic!

Of course…

Thank you FDS for the Global Flight! Just an awesome release!!



I mean its kind of their jobs.

I mean we all wonder when the update will come out…
Hell even Mark Denton wonders when it will come out
But keep asking when it comes up is doing nothing but slowing the release and making the devs more stressed.
The best thing as users is to keep those things to ourselves and let the devs deliever without rushing them

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Humor? Lol I’ll take it. But I don’t care about likes tbh. I care about the views. The more views the more people see exactly how many people are out there and slaving to help us!

Well said. Stop asking and simply wait

Classic “Mom, Dad! ARE WE THERE YET” situations my friend

Agreed! The devs and staff certainly deserve our thanks for such an amazing flight simulator! So I as well would like to say, thanks devs and staff for all your hard work!

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Developers we thank you :)

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