Thank you for the awesome service at KEWR!

Today at KEWR there were so many arrivals! Shoutout to @LaDrilhz for keeping it in order! Thanks again IFATC for helping to keep the “expert” in expert server!

besides the fact that I was in a 45 minute hold short of the runway…


If you PM him (@Sammy_Droubi), he will get back to you eventually…

No need to bring negativity into a positive post ;)


I agree with @Balloonchaser the ATC was probably very busy. Not everyone is perfect ;) , I’m pretty sure he did not ignore you intentionally.


Thanks very much Jackson… Real 45min?..really did my best to accommodate landings, takeoffs, runway crossings and exits… Once my approach controller left… Wasn’t that easy


Cleared me to land about 20 minutes ago. Not a foot wrong by @LaDrilhz - nice work indeed!


Hi Uan
If you feel I reported you wrongly please pm me your call sign we can have a look at it (I always take screens before ghosting)
If you had to go for a missed approach, I surely made you switch to the approach controller.

Hi Uan,
Check your log book please. I did just report someone that matches your story but the time doesn’t add up. PM me (@Sammy_Droubi) or @LaDrilhz when you figure out who reported you.
Were you air China 986 heavy?
-IFATC sammy Droubi (KEWR Approach)

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Hats off to controllers ! I landed at KEWR just before @LaDrilhz left tower, and without approach controller. Great job !

And you could tell the difference once all ATC were gone. It looked like training server. There’s a huge lack of self discipline from many (new) players in Expert server.


Yeah I agree with that!

I landed at KEWR after a flight from PANC and ATC logged off shortly after I landed! Let’s just say it was a madhouse on the ground…literally…

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at least you realised what mistakes you made, but you can only improve from them :)


I think I saw you. We’re you in a 777?

Seeing my home airport active could’ve been the coolest thing ever though

It happened, i’m banned from expert server…

Forever? How?

Can we take this to PM please? Thank you!

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Sorry about that! Wilco

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