Thank you for flying Ryanair

Today I joined the chaos at Barcelona for the flash flight and ended up turning a 30 minute flight into 2 hours…


Aircraft: 737-800 (Ryanair)
Server: Expert
Time: 2hr

Waiting in the loooong line

After 45 minutes on the ground, we were off!

Shortly after takeoff, ATC turned me around due to spacing and put me at the back of the line :(


Passing over the airport

Making the final turn…but then I had to execute a missed approach due to not making the turn quick enough

It was cool though because this time I got to fly directly over the airport

Let’s try this again…

This time we got on the ground safe and sound

And finally, here we are at the gate

Thanks for viewing!


respect for waiting that long lol
I would have thrown my device across the room 💀

fajne zdjecia 👌

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Nice photos bro, also on the 2nd to last picture that TUI 788 was me haha.

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