Thank you for flying Kenya Airways

Server: ES, FNF
Route: Nairobi/ Kenya - Entebbe/ Uganda
Aircraft: B788
“ Ladies and Genlemen, we switched on the fasten seat belt signs as we started our approach into Entebbe. Therefore I kindly ask you to return to your seats and fasten your seat belts. The Remaining flight time is approx. 30 min.
Right now, to your left, you have a wonderful view of the Serengeti National Park and right in front of us is Lake Victoria, which we will cross in a westerly direction, the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world.It’s main inflow, the Kagera River, is the source of Lake Victoria’s largest outflow: The longest River on Earth, the majestic Nile. .
Ladies and Gentlemen, I hope you feel comfortable aboard our Boeing 787 Dreamliner, It has been a great pleasure for us to have you all on board today.Thank you for flying Kenya Airways. “


Ok, I’m just gonna say, the scenery in that picture is absolutely incredible! Well done.


Very nice picture !

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Wow beautiful scenery!😮

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MIND=BLOWN! Beautiful scenery!

Really beautifull picture, and nice presentation too!