Thank you for all the feedback!

Received great feedback on the ATC topic I posted about ATC on the training server. I’m usually on the professional server(Grade 4) and for the most part I have no issues. I’ve been on the training server for the past week due to getting reported by an ATC on the Expert server. This was a result of that controller not honoring people that were patiently waiting in line and allowing the pilots that like to cut in line to take off. I closed the gap to prevent inpatient pilots from cutting in line and next thing I know, I get reported for “not holding my position” even though I was never instructed to. That being said, I’ve been on the training server, serving out my week bam sentence and of course it only got worse when it came to pilots exercising professionalism. I realize that not everyone on IF treat this Sim like a professional. I like to pretend it’s real world because I’m training to be a commercial pilot so it helps me out a lot to conduct my actions in a professional manner.

All the people that are connected with IFATC, I will absolutely reach out for future issues and again, I really appreciate all of your feedback.

Happy Flying!!

Matt (FO de la Garza)


The ATC are more trained than any of us, and also I’m sure it’s difficult to keep up with all the traffic.

Welcome to the Training Server, mate.

Also as much as it’s great to post, and be involved the in the community, I’m sure for a lot of people here they aren’t exactly interested in about how you got ghosted, we deal with it daily. Great to see the Training Server ATC (NOT TSATC) get some good going.

Either way, thanks for the contribution and we respect your time put into this!

Ignore my reply above, my apologies ;)

Thanks for your post mate! We appreciate for what you’ve done! Looking forward to more ATC like you on the TS or on the Expert server!

Happy controlling :)

at least he not ranting about being reported :) and he is saying thank u to the IFC @MatoySR5 good for u

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Great to hear Matoy! Sorry to hear you where ghosted, but in the end, it is a learning experience. Once you get back to expert it will teach you to be more careful, at least that happened to me. Don’t want to be playing around with the trolls on training. Hope to see you flying again on the expert server soon!

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