Thank You FDS

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I know it’s not gonna be here within this year, probably not even in 2017.
All I’m saying is: Advanced being down isn’t the fault or intention of the devs (and even if they did it intentionally, there’s a good reason for it). Don’t go telling me you’re not happy with the announcement by Philippe because Advanced is down for less than a complete 24 hour cycle.

Lol. @Justin_Gonzalez would too. Just kidding haha.

Thanks so much FDS! You’re work is appreciated!

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Correction: floating point bug
Sorry, I’m crazy, I know but I’m hyped for the summer and for whatever’s coming in the next years for IF. I’m packed with energy

Dont worry. I think FDS works into

Dont Forget
##2016 Will be a Great Year for Infinite Flight

#And 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 etc.
Until the moment comes the devs are all dead :/
I legitimately ask myself sometimes what would happen.
Would others have taken over the company? Or would IF disappear?
(Not saying you guys are dying in 2020, I was too lazy to count on)


You have already given us a joy of flying, and that’s mean lot to us
We thank you FDS from the bottom of our heart,

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and landing smoke

Haahaaha ✌Really?

And your profile pic is a huge gear tilt…

Hold your horses, we haven’t got the features yet :-P

I mean they could say all new features only available in Infinite Flight 2 available for only £99.99 :)

Nah JK, I know they would never do that; they aren’t Gameloft.


Thank god they aren’t.
Still can’t believe I once spent money on Gangstar Vegas… Shame on me 😔 Luckily I asked my money back and deleted the game so at least I learnt.

its kind of fixed
just did a flight from kpdx to ksea
the airplane was still shaking but i wasn’t sliding all over the runway and the taxiways

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