Thank You Everyone, And Goodbye :)

My time has come. It is the time that I decide to leave the Community.

This is your friendly member and a retired Regular, CannedAviation. You are probably wondering why I am writing my farewell address, but I have gone through A LOT lately. Last night, I did something that I have never done before. I did something that could seriously affect my life. I was playing Infinite Flight from 12 AM to 3 AM, and then I got caught by my mother. She wasn’t very happy about it. Everyone in the house slept except me and my mother. She went into my room to check if I was sleeping, but being a bad boy that I am, I did not.

It’s really difficult to have an Asian parent that is so strict. What she had done to me last night was terrible, and I’d rather not say what she had done to me. What I could say is that she took all my devices away. Now I have absolutely no internet or any devices for me to touch. You may be wondering how I am writing this. I borrowed my sister’s laptop to write my goodbyes. After this, I am probably going to be at risk of getting punished by my mother, but I hope you understand how I feel right now.

So, is it bad for me to play IF from 12 AM to 3 AM? Of course. Why? First, my mom will take my all my devices away, so no iPhone or iPad for the remainder of the time. Secondly, it will really affect my eyes and my head. Looking at a device in the dark for hours could get me blind and probably make me retarded. I don’t know why I am so addicted to IF. I thought IF is my motivation to get a good job, and I thought I am going to be a better student because I play IF…


It’s the opposite. IF is way too addictive for me. It is preventing me from getting my summer assignments done and it is preventing me from doing what my mom asks me to do. So, in order to make me a happier and a normal person again, I am going to stop playing IF for the remainder of the time. Now, this isn’t a complaint to FDS or anything. You guys are doing a great job making this realistic simulator for mobile. I mean, Global is coming! The graphic is outstanding! It is so satisfying!

I should probably go now. Thank you, everyone, for having me in this Community and in Infinite Flight. I won’t be flying on Live anymore. I also won’t be flying Global because I probably won’t see my iPad for months. However, if you really like me, which I think not everyone does, I might return to fly and hang out with you all in the future. For now, I am taking a long break and I will always remember how fun Infinite Flight was :)

@anon2063420, thanks for having me in Delta Virtual. I am retiring and leaving the VA. I wish you and your VA good luck when Global arrives :)

@moderators you may close this when able :)