Thank you Everybody

Hello guys, in the past week and a half since the update was released for kindle, iOS, and Android I have seen quite a few requests for more livery’s and planes etc. I myself am one of these people but I thought I would take this time to thank all the people who make this community and simulator so awesome! I don’t think we have really said thank you quite enough :). I don’t want to tag the developers in this because I am not sure they would want to be, but everybody else…look out!

Philipe: Thank you so very much for all the work you do in Infinte Flight! Without you this simulator may not be possible. You also really help keep this forum in line! Always posting announcements, and keeping us all informed about issues and when an update was pushed. Thanks again for all you do!

Matt: You get the airplanes in the air! Without your work on the physics who knows where this simulator would be? You are always helping us out with bugs and your involvement in the community is awesome. You are working all the time to help improve the simulator and meet the wants of the community! Thank you very much!

Rgba8-Even though we may not know your real name we do you how essential you are to the simulator! Without your amazing rendering The a320 (and everything else) wouldn’t look as awesome as it does! (Plus everything else you do) Thank you for your hard work!

@Tyler_Shelton you keep all the controllers in line! You help create flight plans and procedures for pilots and ATC. You are very welcoming and open to questions about anything especially ATC. You along with all the other controllers help make this the best mobile simulator on the market! I can’t imagine how we dealt with just Unicom before :) thanks for your awesome support with controllers everywhere!

@DIsraelFDS you keep the community moving! You always give us something to look forward to with your awesome event planning. If we need support, whether with bugs, or any other things people need you are always right there! You create the best atmosphere possibly for the Infinite Flight Community! Thank you for all your hard work!

@jasonrosewell you always provide us with a fun and awesome way to learn more about Infinite Flight! Your podcasts are an incredible place to go and learn about the simulator. Your dedication and hard work show as we listen to Matt, and many other people who provide a pivitol role for us all! Thank you for your extreme dedication, keep it up!

@Swang007 you are always helping with the Infinite Flight community, in the forums, off the forums, and in flight! You are always somebody we can come talk to if we have any questions or problems! Thank you for being part of the infinite flight community.

@carmalonso you provided us with a way to track our (and other) flights! How incredibly awesome is that?! Thank you for leading the Infinite flight editing team to success with your amazing job editing the airports. We wouldn’t be able to have the amount of realism without you and your team.

@Aernout your involvement with ATC is awesome! You are always helping out Tyler and the rest of the team with problems, being the real life airline pilot you are.mThank you for helping Infinite Flight to be as awesome as it is!

To all controllers: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your hard work With the ATC community is absolutely awesome! All you guys are what makes Infinite Flight what it is!

@Kilt_McHaggis I j just wanted to thank you for all your tireless work on the editing team! You work incredibly hard (I remember you saying the hours and I remember it was a lot!) You help the airports become as clean looking and the best they can be. Thank you for your amazing help, it does not go un-noticed!

Thanks to everyone! Every single person on this forum deserves a thank you. You never fail to provide each other with a laugh and are always helping each other out! Without this extremely dedicated community, there would be no Infinite Flight.

If you guys have anybody else you want to thank, comment below with what you want to say and I will add it to the post! Even if you don’t have anybody else specifically, give these guys some love and say thank you! We all appreciate everything you guys do for us!


That’s a lot of exclamation marks… glad you enjoy what we do though :)


Haha, what was I supposed to do, be boring for one and excited for another?

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Next time just write exclamation marks after each name instead of words, - just to let them know you’re REALLY excited :)

Great post though, a refreshing read from some of the other stuff on the forums/groups. The work all of those people put into the sim is absolutely appreciated .


Will it be possible in the future to have Flight Radar or Flightaware to connect with IF? They are the 2 most reliable radars.

A big thank you to the FDS team and the community for making Infinite Flight what it is today! :)


Thanks 😀

Thanks to all of you for what you are doing for Infinite Flight!


why not just have LiveFlight :) thats the best one out there! I don’t know what you are talking about with that “most reliable” nonsense. ;) Thats like telling Nike to sell Adidas shoes.


OK… why would you want that?

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i couldnt have said it better @Thomas_Galvin i do as well thank everybody for making infinte flight to where it is now

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Thanks for the kind words, unfortunately I don’t have much time lately and in the near future as family & work come first. But as always any questions can always be send by PM :)


The joystick thing is open source and completely voluntary - I monetise from other sources. Same goes for the airport editing, except for no monetisation involved, everyone that contributes does it voluntarily and is agreeing to the contributor license agreement on our repo and in the developer category on this forum :)


Seb the answer is quite straightforward. As team players we have a desire to help out on the Continuous Improvement journey. My real world role is as a Lean Manufacturing consultant. The more engagement you have with your customer and staff the better the opportunity to get things done effectively. We are willing to help as we want to see the improvements faster.



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Understandable. I don’t have kids, but I do have a life. From next Wednesday I am taking holidays, but will come on my regular times. I have to do some errands, but still a Holiday is a Holiday :)


Everybody needs a break!

I’ll clarify - the devs don’t own this. It’s open source and (currently) released under the MIT License, meaning anyone can contribute and do what they please with the software. I am monetising from other sources, don’t worry :)

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Thank you, I appreciate your support!

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