@Tim_B and @GHamsz

You guys truly conducted yourselves professionally, and got me on the ground in 1 piece. I noticed you guys had a lot of traffic and I’m amazed at how you handled it all. This was my first time communicating with IFATC as I’m relatively new to the Expert server, and I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks 👍🏻


Same, I went from Manchester to London today. Great Job.

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Someday I hope to be IFATC

I wish you good luck if you choose to!

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Yes they were very good

More fan mail 😏😁

Those are two of our most experienced controllers and continuously do a great job! I applaud them.

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You surely got an all star crew for your first expert controlled landing.

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I sure did, and I’m grateful for it.

Same, I was flying earlier when Tim B was controlling at LHR. It was packed. Thank you for your time @Tim_B to be able to accept the large crowd and have the patience for the large crowd. I hope to be IFATC one day but I will still do my job as a good ATC Controller for the Training Server.

Thank You for your time.

Aidan Sanchez

Callsign: American 2016

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