Thank You Devs!

Here’s to all the Devs and people working with Infinite Flight.

I am writing this on behalf of all Infinite Flight users to say thankyou for all the great work you have done to make this simulator AMAZING! We all appreciate the time, work and effort you have put in to creating this fantastic app. We all have a great experience flying with others on live or just by ourselves on solo. Controlling Air Traffic is great and we sure cannot wait for Global! It will be amazing! The DC-10 and MD11 will also be a excellent contribution to ever-growing number of planes available.


Keep up all the Awesome work you are up to!

Yours Sincerely -


One of the better posts on here, great to see people appreciate the work the devs put in instead of complaining, well done sir @Emoji_Bird


I can’t wait for the bright future of Infinite Flight :)

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I’ve seen a lot of people complaining on Facebook. This is literally the first post I’ve seen someone appreciating the hard work that the developers performed. Great job devs, keep it up!


thank you devsss

These topics have been made quite a bit, and I think we should take it upon ourselves to thank them when we can, while not making it too out there. This is a nice act, but these topics normally go haywire.


IF definitely has a bright future to look forward to. :)

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Thankyou, and I agree there are too many complaints, I wish people just accept what they have instead of asking and complaining for more.🙂

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That moment when you suck up to the devs to promote the A320 NEO. 😂

Just a joke ;)


They are the minority. So many people appreciate all the hard work.

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