Thank You Devs!

Hey IFC,
Just a big thanks to all the devs, and beta testers for making this amazing update!
Also, thanks to the mods who are working hard at the moment with the large amount of feedback, server glitch reports, and just community traffic in general at this time!


With the mess the IFC is in right now, a topic like this is quite refreshing! This update is fantastic and I feel like a little kid on Christmas right now!


Yes, the mods really have their work cut out for them atm don’t they 🤣

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Haha same, thanks!

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They really do… 😄

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uoY knahT

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Erm… English?

reverse english


Oh I see now haha.

Yes, and it’s pretty appalling how people are creating the similar topics on IFC, yet they realize those are being closed one after another. Devs, Mods really working hard today!

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Thank you devs!!!

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Yes, you’d think people would have a bit of cop on in actually LOOKING 👀 maybe… 3 topics down to see a duplicate of the topic they’re about to make.

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You are all super! Thank you so much for rising to the problems 20.1 have caused with servers. You guys honestly deserve 4-strips!

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Indeed! Although medals might be more suited to war heroes… they can have an Aviation Medal.

Changed it to 4 strips 🙃

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Haha yeah.

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