Thank you Devs for Live Replay for pilots!

Live replay is fantastic to review every aspect of aviation knowledge and skill. Every moment of a flight can be reviewed to improve skill on any civil or military AC in IF:

(Corrigendum: Post is not about ATC usage and disputes)

1/ Did you taxi properly on taxiways?
2/ Did you switch on (and off) lights and strobes at the right time
3/ Did manage thrust properly
4/ Did you hold center line on TO (especially on a crosswind TO)?
5/ Was your TO VS smooth all the way to cruise: VS constant, gear retraction, flaps retraction in stages depending on AC?
6/ Was your approach procedure managed properly to get on glide slope?
7/ Did you land on the touchdown zone at the correct VS?
8/ Was it on centerline?
9/ How well did you manage crosswinds and gusts and maintain centerline?
10/ What was your landing XP on the flight? Why?

And lots more! Loving IF with every update!

Thank you devs! It’s been worth every moment.


Very very well put!


The Devs already know that we are all thankful for this update. 😉
I love this update so much too! It’s been a few weeks since 19.1 just rolled in!

PS - You also forgot to mention the ability to share the replays with others, to be able to view other replays and ability to view the ATC Commands! :)


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