Thank you Community!

Good Day everyone, I’m Hussain, a fellow community member who has been playing Infinite Flight for 6 months now, I joined ya’ll on this journey through forum user @ Swiss, popularly known as Swiss001, 6 months later, here I am, I am now Grade 4, part of many Virtual Ailrines and an organisation, with many friends on the IFC, and the CEO & Founder of a VA, all of this happened in 6 months, it’s just amazing! And I’d like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the community! We all strive for greatness!
Some people I’d like to thank specifically are:

It’s a long journey ahead, till then,

Hotel Uniform Sierra Sierra, Runway 22L, cleared for takeoff!

-A Grateful Forum user, Hussain!


Haha. You are very welcome. See you around!


That’s some good progress you have made in just 6 months! You are welcome!

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Ah the days when he used to play IF :)

Your welcome dude always nice to see a nice and positive community post. To many more years on the forum!

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Ikr, those were the wonderful days, to many years on the forum 🥂

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Thanks Tunes, it’s the amazing community 😉

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You’re Welcome 😂

It’s only downhill from here 🙃


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Don’t worry just kidding, enjoy it.

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Its been my pleasure to help you mate! Can’t wait for more years!

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Can’t wait to see some amazing work come from you in your VA’s and the IF Community!

Keep up the good work 😄👍

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Thanks Guys!

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Hah, the ‘thank you’ is reaaaallly HUGE~

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It sure is

You’ve done so much and have helped so many people, including me! Thank you!

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We both ended up being best mates from Casper’s events, clear skies ahead, fellow COO 😉

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