Thank you anyone who was just at KNUC TS1

I know ATC language quite well, but I haven’t done much controlling on IF. I was controlling ground and tower at KNUC and it was extremely busy, but let me say this… Compared to my past experiences running ATC on TS1 this was probably a once in a million type of night for me.

EVERYONE WAS COOPERATING AND BEING VERY PATIENT! It was absolutely beautiful, I almost felt I was on the expert server (Which I can’t wait to play on soon). I was having constant incoming traffic, and it was to the point where there was not enough spacing for take offs in between each landing so I did have a lot of traffic holding positon on the taxi way, but everyone waited patiently and I eventually got them off the ground. It was actually a very fun and challenging experience, I controlled for about an hour and I had to leave short notice due to the mental fatigue and the fact that if I heard the voice of siri one more time I was going to lose it hahah.

If anyone was flying just now (050600ZOCT16) I would really appreciate any feedback, as I appreciate constructive criticism to learn from my mistakes and improve my abilities.

To mods, this is the first topic I have posted, so if I have done anything incorrectly please inform me. :)


The line on the taxiway is normal for KNUC. Don’t worry about it when it builds up. KNUC IMO is the best to control on (TS1) because there’s nothing around so if they’re coming in, you know it and you know ahead of time.

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Excellent to hear a positive outcome on TS1, especially from the controller. KNUC can be a real tricky location due to its size. Kudos to all of the pilots for their cooperation as well.


I’ve made Grade 3 recently, and enjoy occasional flights on Expert - but I still love me some SoCal TS1 more often than not :) lots of classy folks there every day.

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Yah guys but KNUC still a military airport

I’d love to hear something like that but for KLAX or KSAN

This is the next step, good behavior on commercial airports

KPSP has recently lost most of its popularity. Most people seem to prefer shorter flights so it’s not got a lot of stupid people.

Good job everybody. I wasn’t there but I like seeing these posts.

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All this happened on TS1

This guy’s flight plan

The new Airbus A330333 Now with 2 of everything (except the fuselage

The big plane separated & one half cut in front of me!

OMG why did the tower have me take off but let him land!!

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