Thank you and Goodbye

An open letter to the community:

It makes me kind of upset to write this

Recently the rules for flying in the expert server have been revamped, something which i fully support and am behind. There isn’t anything i value more on the expert server then realism and professionalism - it’s the only way the server can function to provide fulfilment for AV geeks like myself and the many others who explore it. Unfortunately since the release of global, many new players have abused the way the expert server works ultimately requiring a revamp.

3 days ago i learnt that one of the new rules required no more than 5 ghosts in 365 days, something i found out the hard way as i was denied access at EGCC as i prepared for a red eye to KSFO as i had 6 ghosts/

I hold my hand up and admit that when i first joined the server in April 17 i made mistakes. Mistakes that should have been made on TS1 before i chose to advance to the expert server. Entering the runway without clearance: done it, taxiing to the wrong runway: done it, incorrectly followed approach commands: done it.

I learned from these punishments quickly, pulled myself together and i haven’t received a ghost since summer however, those mistakes i made are still unacceptable in an environment where i hindered the simulator experience for fellow pilots and for that i can only say sorry.

I am now left in a position where i am leaving infinite flight. There is no longer a place left for me in the sim. I do not find the realism and professionalism i enjoy in TS1 therefore there is simply no value in me continuing to pay for my subscription. £130 has been spent in the last 18 months.

I’d firstly like to say thank you to Devs! the immersive experience that you have built is second to none. I have always been keen in aviation but had never found the platform to explore and understand it and what you have developed has allowed myself and many others to do just that. I am currently saving to attend flight school in the summer and i am sure that the skills i learned along the way will put me in good step to begin my training.

Thank you to the amazing IFATC team, i may have been a pain to begin but i got there in the end. Thank you for your patience, resilience and overall commitment to enhancing the simulator on expert server. Special mention to @wayne_horne and @Paul_petropoulos who’s airspace i find myself in extremely frequently.

Thank you moderators for working restlessly to ensure that the forum remains informative and friendly.

Thank you all the lovely people who came to my 250th landing grade 4 event back in June, was definitely a highlight!

Finally thank you to all the friends i have shared the skies with along the way. @Camr for taking me under his wing (pun intended) at Air France/KLM VA and @Balloonchaser for organising some really creative and fun events.

From louiisorr/ Channex 97 / BEE this is goodbye, i’ve left a few pictures of my favourite moments.



Adios My Friend! Hope to see you soon!


We’ll miss you! Do you have another sim you plan on going to?


Oh! Well, best of luck good sir. Happy flying. Hope to see you soon.


It’s a shame to see you go, but it’s great that you are also honest about the mistakes. Mistakes happen. Have a good one, take care.


Don’t be so tough on yourself! We all make mistakes, it’s very good to see you’ve learned from them. Best of luck in life!


Take care mate. Maybe we can see you back in a year if you change your mind ;)


See you soon, we’ll miss you. Everyone makes mistakes, you just have to learn from them :D


I’d suggest instead of making a final/permanent decision take a little break from the sim and then revisit at a later date. You could take a few days off or week maybe 2 or 3 and then make some new challenges for yourself. Lay out some attainable goals that are realistic. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut whether here in the sim or in life in general. I don’t think that you should give a final wave. Take a brief break, focus on yourself and family then consider coming back. You will know when you are ready, you will get the urge and that itch to select an aircraft, route or you may want to join some friends again. Just some words of encouragement and understanding. Happy New Year and we hope to see you in the Infinite Flight skies again sometime soon.


Well now I understand. I have also been removed from using the expert server. I had no idea why until now. I have too many violations on account. I am a 4850 hr commercial/instrument/multi/type rated pilot and this has been one of my favorite past times. I will now say good bye and will not renew and will not be an advocate. To those that know me and I fly with (most of which I brought to the dance) I will send you an email and let you know that I am no longer enjoying the sim. Good bye to all of u!


See ya man have a great time see ya around maybe x-plane? ironman over and out


My suggestion: message a staff member and ask them when the anniversary of your first ghost is. (that will be the day you can rejoin the expert server). It might be closer than you think!


Yeah! We can still have fun without Expert! You could just attend good events, etc on TS1 and Casual.

We love having you on this forum and in IF itself and It would be hard to see you go. Now, your choice is your choice but do what Chris said and take a long deserved brake.


I tried earlier today with no response…went back to try and count the ghosts and I can find 4 in one year


I really do appreciate the feedback all but I’m a professional expert server pilot and have been for the last 6 months. I do not enjoy flying on TS1 or casual and therefore there is no value in my subscription on these servers.


Will you at aleast think about coming back in a year though? I understand where you’re coming from and can understand a break, but I don’t see why this has to be a final goodbye.
I realize that this probably wasn’t the response that you were hoping for but this is just because we care about you. :)


This is actually really sad. I hope you enjoyed the time you had on infinite flight and I hope you continue being an avgeek


I have a few suggestions for you if you want to maintain professionalism and pass the time until you are back on expert:

  • Join a VA.
  • Participate in IFATS. They host voice ATC, utilizing discord and the casual server
  • Pass the time doing touch and goes if you don’t want to fly, you can still get some good xp.

Very sad to hear that good members of the community are being somewhat forced to walk away given the latest guidelines. Maybe there is an option to reduce the time of ghosting requirements for those who are active in the server and are in good standing wth the forum?

Whilst I agree the expert server should be for those who are advanced and understand aviation…are these guidelines not only removing players who have no business being in expert…but also those who deserve to be there?

This is sad. I hope you find a way back and keep the IF skies full with good pilots.


After all, you are a bee and there are no known laws of aviation, there’s no way a bee should be able to fly. Yet, you are an avgeek and you put a lot of your time into infinite flight.