Thank You and Farewell

As I transition from Infinite Flight to X-Plane 11, I would like to thank not only the people on IFC, but the developers and the ATC controllers and everyone else for how far Infinite Flight has come. I started playing around 2017 or 2018, right when we still had the Super Decalthon, and the 737 BBJ, which we don’t have anymore. Unfortunately, I cannot see a return anytime soon, but I may consider it in a few years. I would love to post about my experiences, but that would be irrelevant to this website, so I cannot. I loved how Infinite Flight was so simple. No IRS aligning, just the Engines, and after recent times, the Master Battery and APU. Anyways, I would like to thank the developers for the planes, IFC for memories, and IFATC for Grade 3 ATC, because I know they work super hard each day. Thank you, and I wish Infinite Flight well for it’s futures.


@TypicalOOFers sorry to see you leave IF, one day you’ll return sooner than you think perhaps. Adieu 👋


Sad to see you go, but I’m sure that X-plane will bring you a great deal of fun too!

Just for your info, they’re still there! They have simply moved in with the other B737’s, and can be found under the same tab :)

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Oh… it’s sad to see you leaving IF…
I really hope you had a great experience with us, hope to see you soon in the skies ✨

(Btw you can find 737bbj in the 737-700 category) :)

Bye have fun on x plane!

We will all miss you

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