Thank you active service members and veterans

I am creating this post to show our gratitude towards our military I know there are some active members and I think they would love to hear our thanks for their service on this special day




We really appreciate all that you gave you guys gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country we can never repay you

Thank you to all the Veterans and active duty soldiers who risked their lives to protect us and keep the United States safe. We wouldnโ€™t be here without you guys.

Thank you for your service! :D



To all IFC members that served,
We thank you for youโ€™re effort, commitment, and dedication to helping to keep this nation safe. May you continue living in peace and remember the good that you brought to all :)

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We cant forget the great @Tyler_Shelton and the old man of the forums @Maxmustang!

Thank you everyone for your support of the armed forces! It is very much appreciated!



Iโ€™m sure the support & gratitude are truly appreciated! But do keep in mind that this forum is primarily about Infinite Flight and that #real-world-aviation is for topics related to the same.

Thanks :)