Thames Estuary Airport ("Boris Island")

London needs more aviation capacity. Our national treasure Boris Johnson suggested a 4 runway, mixed mode open 24 hours a day airport. This would end the aviation crisis in the UK for the foreseeable future.

Whats everyones opinions?

Oh Boris, why would you need another when you have 5 or 6 airports around the London region. Have you heard of a thing called “Expansion”. Dear Lord.


I didn’t know who Boris Johnson was, so I googled him. He looks like the British counterpart of Donald Trump! (only without that aweful hairstyle).

Anyway back on topic. I also think that London has more than enough airports.


I would improve connectivity and expansion of another underutilized London airport first and if that isn’t enough, bring on Boris Island


Biggest load of BS.

Whilst I support the conservatives I think Boris is doing everything not to have LHR expanded, which is the inevitable. As @Boeing707 said many UK airports are already under capacity…

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Yes this only benefits business travellers in which they can just get on the train to Heathrow or to the south west it only take around 1hour and 30 minutes

Heathrow is at 99.9% capacity and Gatwick is at 80%.
The idea is to move the airport away from people’s homes. It makes sense to me I think.

Expand Luton. Expand London City (Which they are).

Why can’t they expand LHR or LGW?

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I think they should expand airports around the country, it makes more sense Because with the new HST network being built you can get any where in the country quite easy.

They can expand Heathrow by adding another runaway I think that idea is supported by David Cameron

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London city is going through a legal battle about noise pollution.

Luton is too far from london central although its being expanded anyway

Its about capacity in the SE not in the north. There isnt a capacity crisis in the north

I support that but there needs to be a new airport in the long run.

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I’m talking about airports in the south west not the north :)

Like @Boeing707 says there would be a lot of benefit from simply having better connectivity (especially rail) to all the London airports.
In my opinion a third runway at Heathrow would be a far better long term solution, Boris just doesn’t want to allow a third runway as the aircraft would fly over his constituency and annoy his possible voters, in reality the airspace around Heathrow is already busy having a few more aircraft flying over would not make much of a difference.

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@Captain_DJ @Boeing707 yeah you’re both right, expanding Heathrow would be a better idea. The purpose of a Hub (like Heathrow) is to be the Center of air traffic and layovers to allow more flights to more destinations, another airport (or expanding Gatwick) would create competitions between hubs which is counter productive. Sadly, many British people move near an airport and then complain about noise (??) hence the argument over a third runway.

@Aviationluver Boris Johnson is crazy (in a good way). Search him on Google, there’s so many funny videos of him!


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