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Welcome to the ThaiV Group Hub!

We are proud to have gained IFVARB certification.

Here at ThaiV we strive for professionalism, realism and enjoyment. Our drive to become the best airline in the virtual skies is second to none. The flag carrier of the one of the fastest growing economies, our growth and development is rapid and apparent.

We operate one of the youngest fleets, industry leaders in new fuel efficient jets and unrivalled passenger experience. We put the people at the heart of our company.

Company Setup

We operate 3 subsidiary airlines, with a 4th scheduled to open in 2018. Currently we operate ThaiV Airways, the nations flag carrier. ThaiV Smile, our domestic partner and Nok Air Virtual, our budget carrier. Each airline has its own fleet and route network making the selection of routes and aircraft available to our pilots one of the most expansive. Covering a wide variety of destinations.


CEO: Jake Savage @Jake_Savage
COO: Vacant
Route Director: Vacant
Training Director: Vacant
HR Director: Vacant
If you are interested in any of the available positions, please feel free to get in touch with @Jake_Savage we are actively recruiting all positions, primarily a COO and routes director to broaden our network and thus our appeal to potential pilots.


Our fleet is split into the airline that operates it, and our rank system is designed to give all pilots the ability to fly all our routes from across our 3 operational airlines.

ThaiV Fleet

Boeing 737-700
Boeing 777-200ER
Airbus A330-300
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-8
Airbus A340-600
Boeing 787-9
Boeing 747-400
Airbus A380-800

ThaiV Smile Fleet

Airbus A320-100

Nok Air Virtual Fleet

Bombardier Dash 8-Q400
Boeing 737-800


Across our 3 airlines, we have 126 operational routes from 3 Hub Airports and 1 Technical Hub covering 5 of the worlds inhabited continents. Our route network is always looking to grow and develop in order to keep ThaiV competitive in the booming VA industry.


JAL VA - codeshare and fleet agreements

Thank you for taking the time to read the ThaiV Group thread, further information and an application form can be found on our website:

You can apply here:

Where can ThaiV take you?

Happy Flying!



Nice to see a Thai VA up and running! I like your thread and website. Best of luck.


Thank you @anon31652286 I hope I can contribute to the community through this VA :)


Platinum Virtual would like to wish ThaiV all the best! Hope to work with you soon!


I wish the very best for this VA and hope to see it blume

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Website looks very professional, best of luck from Azores Airlines Virtual!


Thanks for all the wishes. I look forward to hopefully working alongside each and every one of you in some way :)


Best of luck with ThaiV! This is an interesting VA!


Ps (Be careful about using some direct Thai logos.)

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Best of luck from American Virtual!

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Thank you for your advice. I am working on logos but as you know - they can take a while to develop. I hope to have changed it enough to avoid any copyright infringements within a week.

What a VA! Best of luck in the Thai skies! Can’t wait to see what you guys bring!


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thank you for your kind words @Delta_Alpha_Lima

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Congrats to @Yunkeru on being the first pilot to log a flight with ThaiV. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS) - Singapore Changi (WSSS) taking 1:58 hours in one of our spectacular Boeing 737-700. He now has only 3 hours till he can level up and fly further afield.

Doesn’t this make you wonder? Yunkeru was able to experience this spectacular trip down the Malay Peninsula, so where can ThaiV take you? Brussels? Hanoi? Boston? And over 120 other worldwide destinations.

Here’s to many more flights by many more pilots.

ThaiV | A Touch of Asia



Today marks an important day in the growth of ThaiV! We are more than pleased to announce our new partnership with Japan Airlines Virtual. Myself and @JALVA_CEO have spent the last 48 hours discussing the practicalities of the partnership.

So what are the benefits for potential pilots?


Our pilots can fly the JAL VA fleet, provided they are qualified to fly it for ThaiV. A pilot who can fly the 777-200ER for ThaiV can fly the 777-200ER for Jal VA


Our pilots can fly codeshare routes for JAL VA, and log them in the same manner as they would normally do so with ThaiV flights.


We commit to providing monthly events and group flights as joint events for our pilots to get the chance to fly with different pilots.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today at

ThaiV | A Touch of Asia


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