Thailand to Indonesia

Hello IFC! Here is my second screenshots topic.


Aircraft: 787-8
Duration: 3:01
Thai Airways
Server: Expert

At the gate with @Ecoops123.

Taking off. The taxi was so boring it was not worth showing.

Climb to 40,000 FT.

Cruising at 40,000

Descending into Indonesia

Turning base for WIII. terrible visibility.

On final. I had to do a visual approach because my aircraft was overweight.

Not buttering it.

At a lonely airport that is not 3D.

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Hope you enjoy,


whoops, forgot to put Everything as an answer choice.

Just for future reference, the 787 is fuel dump capable, so you should be able to dump excess fuel while holding over 7000 feet (if I remember right).

Looks like you had an awesome flight, great pics!

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Thanks! I did not fuel dump because I had very little left. I had almost full passengers and cargo.

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Ah, makes sense.

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Nice shots, I actually landed at about 1pm local time and was just so tired I fell asleep when I got to the gate for another 2½ hours 😂

Hope you enjoyed your flight!


Lol Thank you!