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Made some small adjustments to the thread!

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We have now been in operations for 3 weeks, so it is time for another update. I am overwhelmed by the support we are getting and am ever thankful. We have 20 members; 4 atc, 10 pilots and 6 staff members. We have held our first recruitment event which had a great turnout! We have a well established team and have welcomed pilots onboard with us. Our number 1 priority is to make our members feel comfortable and happy. From the feedback I have received I can confirm that they do.
“Well you’ve meet that with flying colours” one of our pilots commenting about our aim to maintain a friendly environment

Again, thank you for all of your support, links are above to apply!

Ethan CEO


Congratulations on your VA! It looks very promising! :)

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Thank you!! Very much appreciated.


Greetings Pilots!

I’ve flown with TVA (Thai Virtual Airways) for about a week and a half now and so far have advanced to the rank of senior first officer. I’ve also just made the commitment to serve on staff as our Slack Moderator, which I’m looking forward to!

I’m the type of person who enjoys realism and comradery in simulators. As soon as I reported for training at TVA, I was warmly welcomed and quickly began to see why I had received the invite to join their team. The pilots and staff enjoy being there! They enjoy flying and they enjoy doing making it fun for everyone.

To be clear and to offer some comparative insight for you, I joined three VAs all at the same time. I’m not here to bash what anyone else has to offer, I just have to say my experience with Thai VA is undeniably the best of the three. The community is active and extremely professional and courteous to one another. We’re constantly discussing innovative ways to make Thai the best VA out there.

If you’re looking for destinations with beautiful scenery, come check us out. Also, I must say, I’ve really enjoyed our fleet so far. From the A320 up to my current airframe: the B772, the aircraft are just really great to fly. Plus, our main hub: VTBS almost always has perfect headwind to land into ;)

Here’s a message I received from our COO today:

“Hi, I am Rob, COO for TVA. I have been on many VA’s and I can safely say that TVA is by far the best and the most friendly VA I have been a member of. Every body from Ethan, our CEO, to our newest pilot are friendly and are willing to help you with any problems/ questions you may have. We have so many routes to fly, some with amazing approaches. We also offer world-wide routes. I love to fly for TVA and am currently at the rank of “Senior Captain” and have the most flying hours in the VA. So come and join us and fly with Thai Virtual Airlines. We are striving to be the best and with your help, we can be. See you all the skies soon!”

I hope you’ll consider checking us out and joining us in the skies very soon!



It’s time for us to hold another event. However, I would like your help! In order to hold an enjoyable event I’d like some feedback from the community on which type of events appeal to you. Below is a poll where you can choose which ones you like. These results will help us organise an event that will be fun!

  • Landing Competition
  • Short Haul Flight
  • Medium Haul Flight
  • Long Haul Flight
  • A “fill the airport” style event
  • None of the above

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Feel free to PM if you’d like us to hold a different style of event!

Get involved, help us help you! ^^

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Wow, we have been in operations for 4 weeks, that has gone past so quickly. As a VA we have logged 727hrs of flight time and had 2 of our staff members reach the top rank. We have had over 40 applications with just over 20 being accepted. I would like to thank everyone from the community for their love and support. We have officially closed our applications for staff, however pilot and atc applications are still open, so if you would like to join us click here and fill out our application form.

Below are some photos from our recent group events;


check out our newest event :)

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We are recruiting new pilots, all information is in the main post. Why not join us for our event (linked in my previous post) for a taste of what we are like? We have a friendly environment and great staff team!

Check out our second event in our new series; Thai Takes You to…" This week we are heading to Toronto!

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Sign me up! I will be using callsign tui669 in the 777! i might not make it, but if i do, i will be there!

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Post it in the thread above :)

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Hello Everyone!

As a VA we have soared passed 1,500 hours which is terrific. We have celebrated this by allowing our pilots to disregard our aircraft/route restrictions and fly any aircraft that they like on any route for the easter period! We are now closer to 2,000 hours than we are 1,500 hours.

Due to work commitments, our Chief Pilot @Sam_Tom has had to step down from his role. This means we are hiring a Chief Pilot. We are looking for someone who:

  • Has spare time to give up for the VA
  • Shows a high amount of maturity
  • Has a decent knowledge of aviation
  • Can work well in a team

If you believe you fit this criteria then why not apply?


Website and thread looks awesome!!


Thank you so much!! :)

Sent in an application about 5 days ago but I haven’t got anything back, Are you still accepting pilots?

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Yes. We are in the process of reviewing our newest applicants and you should hear from us soon :)

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I applied for Thai VA