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001-interface We Are IFVARB Approved

thai_airways Our Mission

At Thai Virtual Airways we strive to create a friendly and relaxing environment for all of our staff and pilots. We want our members to fall in love with flying again and we aid this through our vast range of routes and aircraft. We are dedicated to creating a VA which is as realistic as possible and make sure our staff make members feel comfortable and supported.
We boast a vast fleet that is fulfilled with colour, turning the teal blue skies into royal purple skies. With us, you can explore the skies of Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East taking in the variety of landscapes and cultures that are featured within our globe. We are dedicated to providing an encouraging atmosphere and and want our members to fall in love with their roles and feel part of a community. Our main goal is to blend fun and realism together as people who enjoy their jobs work better as individuals and in groups. We are devoted to make our members succeed and will offer them all the help they need to do so!

001-airplane Our Fleet

  • Airbus A320-200
  • Boeing 737-700
  • McDonnell Douglas MD-11
  • Boeing 747-400
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Airbus A340-600
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Airbus A380-800

004-beach Destinations

Thai Virtual Airways serves 3 of the worlds continents and flies to over 80 destinations.

Domestic Destinations


International Destinations


Full Route List

network Members of Staff:

Staff applications are currently closed

uMnv7PR Apply to be a pilot
We want our pilots to be the best in the skies. Upon your application being accepted you will undergo a short flying examination to make sure that you are professional and can use ATC properly.

To apply to be a pilot click here

003-airport Air Traffic Control
We have an on hand Air Traffic Control team, there to offer our pilots a realistic flight experience!

Want to join our ATC team? Click here to apply.

001-edit Contact Us

If you have any questions or queries click here. Alternatively, private message me; @Ethan11

002-circle Extra Information

For any extra information on any of the above, head over to our website

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Can’t wait to see what becomes of this VA, Good luck, 2 good guys with high ambition ;)


Congratulations you guys! Good luck


Looks amazing. Applied for ATC and HR Manager. :)


And Ethan I also take PE and businesses study’s and I am in Year 9. :) aged 14.


Welcoming @NationofAviation as our new HR Manager.


Introducing @SlimeFlyer as our Flight Supervisor.


@Sam_Tom is our Chief Pilot


We are still recruiting. Head over to the links above to join :)


We are hiring pilots and the following staff roles;


No longer recruiting an Events Manager.

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Check out our recruitment event;


I am proud to be the deputy President here at such an amazing virtual airline. The staff are brilliant and the activity from all the members is phenomenal. We have an organised system and structure and we really take members opinions into consideration. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this VA in the near future and I know that we will strive to make it one of the best on infinite flight! If you want to join our ever expanding virtual airline, check out the link above. We are recruiting staff positions, atc positions and pilot positions. Come and show off your talents and we hope to hear from you soon! Happy Flying! :)


Our first week of operations have been successful. We have been received greatly by the community and I am so thankful. We’ve added our embedded LiveFlight code to our website. Go and check it out

Want to join and become a part of this amazing effort, the links are above :))

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We now have an Instagram, check it out and leave a like and a follow @thaivirtualairways

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Introducing @william_johnson as our Head of ATC!


Well run, and promising VA. Very accepting of new members, I have invited all my friends!!


Good evening. Today i left this wonderful VA because i didnt have time for it and ill admit its a shame. I can say that the effort that both ethans put into this VA is untouchable and is great to see. I would encourage any new or experienced pilots to join here as its amazing and i can only see it getting better. Thanks for the memories lads.


Introducing @Jmacd20 as our Head Slack Moderator. Pleasure to welcome him to the team.

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Still searching great…

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