Thai Virtual Airlines Staff Recruitment {Pending IFVARB approval}

We are a new VA which is under construction. We are looking for members who would like to join us.

I want to start this VA, in a professional way, without sacrificing the fun and enjoyment in our VA.

Our mission is to:
• Focus on pilots satisfaction
• Motivate our staff to perform their level best
• Provide world class service to our members.
• Provide our customers with high standard hospitality services.

Our Staff:
Assistant President - @Captain_Ankit
Deputy President - @Luke

We have the following staff positions:

Head Of Recruitment – will be in charge of the recruitment for our VA. He/she is process all the applications for joining our VA.

Head Of ATC - his/her team will provide ATC services to the members of this VA and also be a controller for various events.

Human Resource Manager – he/she will be in charge of the satisfaction and comfort of pilots and staff in our VA.

Media Manager- he/she is in charge of all the Media platforms of our VA. He will have a small team responsible for adding content in our Media platforms.

Flight Supervisor - he/she will be in charge of recording all the staff and pilots flight logs. He will be using Google sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Our Rank system is as follows:

Our Fleet consists of:
• Airbus A380-800
• Airbus A340-600
• Boeing 777-200ER
• Boeing 747-400
• Boeing 787-8

Our Routes will be announced when Global is released and we will only provide routes which are being used by the actual Thai Airways to add more realism and professionalism.

Since we are not IFVARB approved, we will not being recruiting any pilots, first we need some staff. If you would like to be a staff member of our VA. You can visit our website to apply for a staff position.


Please wait for IFVARB approval before posting a thread. Thanks.


Then why post if your not approved yet

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Firstly - may I congratulate you on a very proffesional and well set out initial post.
However, I must ask - have you asked either @joshfly8 or @neo to post this? Since you are not yet approved you need permission to launch before approval.

Remmeber to post in #live:VA in future

@ben and @Rodney_Buckland - no need to bite his head off, he might have got permission - you never know


i have asked neo about this post. also i have shown him this before posting it


Thank you - good luck with your VA. It looks great!

thank you for the kind words…

i have previewed this to @NEO before posting this on IFC
@Ben @Rodney_Buckland


Just a tip, Thai has retired this aircraft. Not really realistic to operate it. 😉

Otherwise everything looks good! Good luck.

Looks very professionnal ! Good luck from swiss VA

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thank you for looking through the post…we just added all the aircraft’s which are there in Infinite Flight. Later someone might come and say that there is an A340 in IF and we have not added it in our aircraft list.

Thank you for your opinion though.

thank you for your support

good luck, it’s hard out there.

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thank you so much, our aim to be the best…

Good luck to you brand new virtual airline, it indeed looks proffessional and i like it, i love the fleet and the ranking system they look great. But as others have said please contact the IFVARB for approval and i am sure they will be happy to review and grade your VA. Contact @JoshFly8 or @NEO


thank you for the support…i have contacted the IFVARB and they have said that i need more staff members to get this VA approved. Hence this is just a staff recruitment. if you would like to join you can PM me or you can fill up an application form in our website.

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Yes, but you’re meant to wait until I say yes, otherwise there is no point. I’m pretty sure I asked you to wait anyway, so I don’t know why you’re making this. And it’s nothing to do with the amount of staff by the way.

That being said, it’s a good thread, so well done on that, I’ll happily let it stand; but please don’t post without permission next time @Milen_Jacob :)



I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, I thought that you said that you just needed a preview of what i am going to post.

Again, I am sorry for that, i wont repeat it next time.


No worries, thanks for the co-operation. Good luck with your VA!


thank you so much for your help and support