Thai Lion Air A330-300

I think this would be a great and less common livery to have on the A330, just look at that tail!

Their A330’s have recently been transferred back and forth between Batik and Lion air, however Thai Lion is an airline not currently present in the simulator!

Adding this livery means more routes in Asia would be available to recreate in the app, such as domestic flights within Thailand but also flights from Bangkok’s Don Mueang airport to cities like Osaka for example.

I got lucky a few years ago and managed to fly it domestic between DMK and HKT. A rare flight and highlight of the trip.

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Please at least look at the post before linking it. The livery in this request is of a subsidiary whose tail design is nothing like the the design in the topic you’ve posted.


Oh sorry, when I looked I only saw lion and didn’t notice. Sorry.

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