Thai king flies 16,000km for dinner

Thailand, you probably don’t know much about it besides its food and its airline. The country, located in south-east Asia is 1.3 times smaller and 1,000 times less crazy then the state of Texas. It also has a royal family, whos king, decided that dinner was worth a 10hr flight but why?

As most of you should know, flying somewhere is normally done for an important reason such as visiting friends or family, business or a well earned holiday. Flights are cheap but not too cheap that you can’t normally fly for dumb reasons like flying just for the hell of it, visiting Texas or even having some dinner. As much as I love a good hearty dinner I wouldn’t fly across continents for it, however, Thailand’s king obviously sees no such limitations. Due to the virus Thailand’s king is stuck in isolation and by “stuck” I mean enjoying a 4-star hotel in the German Alps. On April 6 the king decided to escape his isolation, boarding a privately charted Thai airlines in Munich he travelled the 10hrs to Bangkok with his 4 wives by his side, after arrival at Bangkok he attended his dinner for a celebration of Chakri Memorial Day. After his dinner, he promptly boarded another private Thai flight back to Munich, covering a whopping 16,000km in only a day

During this period the number of flights worldwide has gone down dramatically, it has also reduced the number of Co2 in the air, helping the planet. This flight however pointless it also damages the environment, producing 9,000kg of Co2 emissions just so some rich guy could have dinner. It’s a pure waste and Thai citizens face 15 years in jail if they criticize the king, this once again proves rich people control the world

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“Normally” hahaha

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I literally was thinking of this video when he was saying that lol


I really enjoyed reading this. Well done!

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thailand has some pretty amazing food tho

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at least he ain’t hypocritical like leonardo dicaprio, who flew a 8000km private jet trip to accept enviroment award


He also has his private 737 here … but honestly I don’t like how he acts

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I closed this topic as it’s only partially related to aviation. This will drift of in a political discussion, for which the IFC simply isn’t the right place. Thanks everyone 😊