Thai Cargo 777F "Always Deliver The Best"

Thai Cargo Boeing 777F - "Always Deliver The Best"

Thought I might throw this in with the upcoming 777F rework.

About This Aircraft:

For a brief time, Thai International Airways had two Boeing 777Fs that were leased from/operated by Southern Air. The livery features a special “Always Deliver The Best” expression on the tail and “CARGO” at the front of the aircraft.

Why We Should Add It:

Amidst COVID-19, cargo demand has increased exponentially with global carriers maximizing cargo aircraft usage for special missions. With the upcoming Boeing 777F rework, this increase in cargo flights can be reflected in Infinite Flight by flying this special 777F. The phrase “Always Deliver The Best” represents what should be accomplished by airlines and pilots.

Thai’s purple livery gives a nice break from the endless FedEx 777Fs that are flying everywhere.

Where This Aircraft Can Be Flown:

Obviously, this aircraft can be flown anywhere. While operational, Thai used their two 777Fs from its base in Bangkok to cargo hubs such as Frankfurt, Liege, Amsterdam, Houston, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, and more.

I’m sure the @ThaiGroupVirtual would enjoy this addition.

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What are your thoughts?

This liver looks cool! I really like the colors :)

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Wait ? Thai Cargo exists … oh

Wow, I’ve never seen that livery before. Looks great! Unfortunately, I’m out of votes, but I would love to see this added. :)

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We certainly would enjoy this! It would add loads of realism to our VA!

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