Thai Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Lens Flare

G’day all, so today I seen that lots of people are starting to make the rainy day posts and I thought, ”why not change things up and do a lens flare” so guess what, what? I did and man did it turn out good. So let’s see if lens flares turn into a new trend.

image Bangkok (VTBD) to Bangkok (VTBD)

image Thai Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner

image Sometime in the morning

image Expert Server

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One word:



Thanks mate I appreciate it.

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Finally, something other than some rain. Looks gooooood.


I went the complete opposite direction and went full sun instead of rain.

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Looks really nice, and very unique

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Wonderful shot! The Thai livery really looks good normally and even better in that shot! Great job

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Nice, well done 👍

Challenge accepted ! Nice pic and thread btw !

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Thanks mate, your the first person to compliment on the new thread design.

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Great photo, I’m more of a rain guy, but this is still great. And the thread, it looks so cool.

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I love lens flares

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