Thai Airways will go into restructuring - [UPDATED]

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Thai Airways says these the airline filing for bankruptcy is a rumor, but everything’s still changing.

”Thai has clarified that it has no intention to file for bankruptcy, responding to rumours [that] appeared in the news and online about the consensus of its board of directors meeting on 15 May 2020 to file for bankruptcy,” it said today in a statement that reflects a clarification submitted to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).


@Ishrion Very true, but considering Thai Airways’ current financial status and managing, there are possibilities of this bankrupt to happen sooner or later if this issue persists :(

There are various articles describing both sides, unless the airline issues an official statement or we can’t be sure anyways. What we CAN be sure is that THAI Airways is probably facing a crisis that the company has never seen before.

I will change the title for it :)

This is really sad, I love Thai’s business and first class

Hopefully the Thai government can fund it because its the national carrier.

Agreed on the financial part. There’s been talks of Thai Airways entering restructuring ever since COVID started.

Here’s their statement denying the rumors though:


@Ishrion If you don’t mind, I want to include the article and statement on top of there in case somebody is confused and to make this topic more accurate :)

Sure, go for it

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Thai Airways will go into restructuring, but won’t consider themselves bankrupt.

“Thai Airways will not be dissolved or go into liquidation or be declared bankrupt,” Thai Airways Acting President Chakkrit Parapuntakul said in a statement.

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Sad to see another big airline possibly go… I enjoyed my flight on HS-TGW (Star Alliance 747), they’re a really great airline, but apparently they’ve been losing since 2013 and this situation really was the last straw…

Oh wow that’s really cool! You’re so lucky! @Dylan_M check it out he’s been on a Star Alliance 747!


Mhm, flew it from Sapporo CTS - Bangkok BKK. I literally didn’t expect Thai to send TGW over to CTS as TGW had just arrived from Phuket just 2 hours before. Seems like I was lucky, they decided to send TGW over on that day 😂

The friendly cabin crew allowed me to take photos in the cockpit too!


This will be sad, another airline down :(

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This might help.

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