Thai Airways will go into restructuring - [UPDATED]

Founded in 1960, Thai Airways remains as one of the well-known airline as its one of the founding airline of STAR Alliance, but unlucky under the global pandemic THAI may file for bankruptcy due to the current global pandemic :(

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ABOUT Thai Airways

The article about Thai Airways’ bankruptcy (just for reference)

Another article of this event…This described the cause and effect of this bankruptcy.

A graph of Thai Airways’ status before this…

However, there have been denials about this from Thai Airways

So what we can conclude is that Thai Airways may be surviving for now as they issue an official statement, but what we CAN see is that Thai Airways is still under great financial pressure and there may still be a chance that they undergo bankruptcy.

Considering the current situation, what will happen to Thai Airways' fleet?

  • As you may know, Thai’s fleet contains a HUGE variety of aircrafts, they even fly the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 simultaneously which is not common in airlines. This results in a harder managing of them and there’s a lack of consistency.

  • The Airbus A380 has gained less and less attention and popularity recently due to the popularity of twin-engines like Boeing 777 and Airbus A350. THAI’s A380 results in an under-demand because its capacity is too large and THAI really doesn’t need that much of capacity.

  • However, THAI shows no clue of retiring their 747s (i.e. Cost ⬆️)

  • Thai over-expanded its long haul network because Suvarnabhumi Airport isn’t as popular as other major airports like Hong Kong International Airport or Singapore Changi Airport. That results in the plan of “transit” by Thai don’t really work in Bangkok, thus they aren’t really doing good at transferring people.

My reference article to the points above

[UPDATED] Thai will have usual service while undergo restructuring 19 May 2020

I will keep updating this thread according to the change of the situation.

Feel free to share below your views about this, because what we can see is a trend of airlines filing for bankruptcy already and some even facing critical financial issues.


And there goes another one! They just bitten the dust!


Ohhh nooo. Thai was one of my favourite airlines. Sad to see them go 😢

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I will do further research and add more info cuz its just recent news (today)


im sad to hear this
just some small virus can affect so much

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So does that mean they are gone for good or is it possible that they can fly again?


Man, Star Alliance is just falling apart.


Nope, the government will give them bailout in order to safe the airline. The airline filed backruptcy earlier so they can get bailout from the government and then restructure the airline slowly.


There will always be better times in the future. At least we are sure Lufthansa will stand strong. We will build stronger than ever before! :) #StarAlliance


Hey guys! I’m Thai and most Thai people currently agree and celebrate this. As everyone may knows, Thai government is about… yeah… so this situation will make Thai Airways be 100% private company (but I’m quite sure that government is hiding something behind the word private). Anyway, this should lead Thai Airways to be better than last quarter, hope so.


we’re all in this together!
proceeds to play dramatic music while standing like a hero


Global airlines are really suffering from this pandemic! A lot of famous airlines already did the same, I am no Thai and I have no idea what the impact will be on Thailand about this but its good to see that at least this airline is not going, but just getting a restart on its business :)

aww this is so sad for me since my first long haul flight was with TG

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another flagship carrier is going down like south african airways (I think?)

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Quite sad indeed @CapDUDE, I’ve flown with them a couple of times myself.

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Oof, another big one down.

I’m so incredibly shocked to hear this. Having flown them in 2017, I really don’t want to see them go or become a smaller airline.

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Indeed. They’re a fantastic airline and have a really lovely product.

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I hope the Restructuring not liquidation goes well, so the employees can all keep their jobs

If ANA goes next ☹️

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