Thai Airways: What’s it like?

Hey guys! I might be going off to Vienna / Stockholm / Anywhere in Europe and we (my parents and I) saw some very cheap fares to Vienna and Stockholm, they were about $990 AUD, $750 USD and I was wondering how good / worth Thai Airways is. On TripAdvisor pretty much everyone says it pretty good. Just wondering what you guys think. These fares are from Melbourne, Australia. $990 is actually quite amazing for fares to Europe.

Surprisingly enough, I have flown Thai Airways from Bangkok to Melbourne and back. The flight was really really good. Service was great, F/A’s were very friendly, the food was good, nice modern aircraft (the beautiful A350) and an overall great experience. The IFE was great and the seats were ok . If I could complain about one thing it was that the seats weren’t very wide but very manageable! I say you should go for it as it’s a really good deal as well!

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Obviously, I would go for Thai because Thai food is the best.

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Before i say anything about Thai Airways, i’d like to address that IF you’re coming to Stockholm than i’d say be aware that the whole city is gonna be upside down the whole summer since there is literealy roadmatianece every where you go. And the even two major metro stations are getting renovated and therefore the traffic will be redirected, slow and massive delays may come. They’re putting once again extra busses on those short routes which also will be late… So i don’t know how well your Stockholm trip might be as. But other than that, The city is beautiful with a lot of old architecture and archipelagos :)
You’ll enjoy Stockholm nonetheless, only if you exclude the maintenance work being performed practically everywhere, but in 6-8 yrs Stockholm should be a pleasant place to visit ;)


  • Thai in my opinion has friendly crew with high quality service, it’s one of the reasons for it to be expensive to fly with.
  • Their economy seat config is 3-3-3 on the 777-300ER which is the aircraft that they fly to and from Arlanda, so you and your parents will be able to sit beside each other.
  • Legroom? Well, there is a good amount of legroom i’d say, enough for someone who is 175cm or 5 foot 7. I who am around 5.6 had no issues whatsoever with legroom, there was more than enough for me on their 777.
  • $990AUD sound like a very good price for being Thai.
  • Thai is one the top airliners out there and with that price tag on it, i’d go any day. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Food is another good thing, if you’re into Asian and more specifically Thai food then you’ll love what they offer.


  • In my opinion their inf-light entertainment system wasn’t at my taste, i did find something fun to do but i’d rather pick Qatar or Emirates for a better IFE experience.
  • Idk about you but some FA might fell like they quite conservative about their culture and therefore might come of with a well… rude approach. (I have seen this happen but has not happened to me).
  • The seats are comfortable but not the best, you can make it through but for a long flight like MEL-BKK-ARN it might get uncomfortable after a while, but it’s always good to take a walk in the plane :)

Btw i’m wondering, for the price being so low… have you checked for how long you’ll be in Bangkok during your change to the connecting flight?


Thanks for all that info! The waiting times are extremely low, 2 hrs there 1.5 hours back. I’ve also heard (from my parents) that there is a significant charge on your credit card. Heard of it?

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If you are going to Vienna, please be aware that you are going to take 787-8 (with 3-3-3 seating). Thai recently refurbished their 787-8 with crew rest so it can be deployed on long haul routes like VIE.

And I think this might not be a huge issue as I rarely hear about this on their long haul before. But just in case you are going to take their short haul routes (In this case, routes to East Asia and South East Asia), be aware of last minute swap. But as far as I know the equipment are consistent for routes to Europe and Australia.

Other than that, the pros and cons have been listed by others above. Have a nice flight 😄


I have heard about that, but they didn’t charge me last time i flew with them…

I still believe your biggest concern should be, which country to travel to since Stockholm isn’t your optimal place to visit this year to be precise, but then again it’s all up to you :)
There nothing wrong with coming here only that i don’t know how you’ll feel about road maintenance almost everywhere…

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@dylonez Here’s a review on them:

Video by Simply Aviation (great channel BTW)


I’ve flown Thai Airways economy four times - and although this was four years ago (LHR-BKK,BKK-KBV and return) I found all the aircraft to be extremely dated (no ife on any of the flights), uncomfortable, the crew seemed non-existent and very cold. And Thai served me the single worst meal I’ve ever had (aircraft or otherwise), which was a croissant filled with chicken purée. However, I hear that many people have had good flights with Thai and therefore I’m sure you’ll find them to be perfectly acceptable. And anyway, the point of going to Europe is to go to Europe, not to pay ridiculous amounts of money to fly on the best airlines.

I’ve flown on Thai quite a lot over the past couple of years, having done two trips around Southeast Asia that both started and ended with Thai between LHR and BKK. On the long-haul legs I was on the A380 three times and the 77W once. Fairly comparable on-board (as the 77Ws are not the dreaded 10-abreast), although the small EC upstairs cabin on the A380 is the best place to be. I expect a 3-3-3 788 would be far less comfortable.

The long-haul flights were all fine in terms of the seat and service. Other passengers did my head in a bit, but that’s Economy Class for you - noise-cancelling headphones only go so far when you have two Italians ‘debating’ for 10 hours or four kids screaming at each other throughout the flight. Nighttime drinks rounds by the cabin crew were a bit hit-and-miss, but I’m not one for sleeping/sitting too long anyway and always get an aisle seat so I can get up and move around, so not an issue for me (and I keep a reusable water bottle at my seat). The IFE was OK - nothing special. Food fine on long-haul.

On domestic or regional flights, I would always go for Bangkok Airways over Thai. I found the TG A330 remarkably cramped, the last remaining 734 seems like it is held together with tape. Food terrible but efficient service. Late, late, late in terms of timekeeping. Bangkok Airways have always done well by me on the many flights I have taken with them, and everyone involved in the one delay (just 30 mins) I had with them was very apologetic. Thai Smile was fine too on the one flight I did with them, in part because I was up front in the premium economy section.

Bring a well-charged smartphone loaded with games (and maybe also a small hand-held fan) for immigration at BKK, whether you are entering Bangkok or just changing to a domestic flight. Very swish, modern airport, but the immigration area seems like something straight out of the old one.

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Thai Airways is great, just avoid their 747 services (such as Bangkok to Sydney). The cabins are extremely outdated. I had a small delay on one A330 domestic flight, and the cabin isn’t too great on the A330. Otherwise, if you have a great deal on especially an international A350 flight, I’d say go for it!

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Thanks guys for all that info! I think this can be closed now…

It’s A Nice Airline 👍

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