Thai Airways VA Is now Recruiting For a Management Team!

Hello people of IFC! I am Des Cooper, the President of Thai Airways VA. Now, we are not official but we are currently looking to recruit for a new management team to help us stride forth through popularity. We hope that everyone is sensible when submitting their forms and that they stay with there job after the tryout. If you wish to apply please submit the form here.

We at Thai want to bring back the traditions within the Real World, I myself am half Thai and half English. We will begin pilot recruitment as soon as we create the website and when we’re all sorted. Signing up for the management team is more of a deal than you think, this is an offer we’ve decided on with my 2 deputy members who have kindly agreed. Please do try your hardest! :)


Best of luck from British Airways Virtual ;) !


Best of luck from your ultra low cost friend Frontier :) hope the best for you


Dang it Fleming! Haha.


Once management team is sorted we will recruit pilots.


Best of Luck from IFSIAVA! I hope we can be partners in the future! ;)


Hello I’m the deputy head at Thai

Thank you all so much for the support and we hope to to see you all in the skies and maybe make partnership sometime soon

Best regards
Liam Purcell

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Good luck from vietjet virtual airways

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