Thai Airways uses infinite flight photo in their instagram

Hi everyone…I’m if.india from instagram a member of @AirIndiavirtual. Few weeks ago @ifatceg made London Heathrow active for a day. There was a massive traffic that day of 747 and other aircrafts. On that day @AirIndiavirtual gave us a chance to fly a route from VTBS (Bangkok) to EGLL(London Heathrow) with the help of one of their codeshare @ThaiGroupVirtual . So I flew this route with Thai airways A380 and I took a shot which first was featured on my Instagram account then @AirIndiavirtual also reposted the same shot which later was liked by thai airways official and they asked for repost

Credits- @AirIndiavirtual staff

And on 24/08/2020 Thai airways reposted this shot in there instagram account and now IFC is mad and showing there love to there comments that for posting a @infiniteflight shot

Flight details
Departure: VTBS
arrival: EGLL
Airlines: Thai Airways


Credits- @IFINDIA

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If you will be using this shot then please don’t forget to tag me for credits

Thai Airways using this shot:-

Lastly thanks to @infiniteflight for making such a nice game and I hope 20.2 will also rock and thanks to @AirIndiavirtual for making this shot grow . For more such content follow me on instagram (if.india)


I don’t think that shot has to be improved that’s amazing!


Wow. To get a simulator image on a official airline Instagram account, deserves my respect!


Thanks a lot

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Thanks a lot man

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Thats impressive, well done mate!

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Thanks mate!!

Wow huge achievement! Congrats!

Btw the photo doesn’t need to be improved, its perfect!

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Congrats @IFINDIA!!

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Thank you… glad you liked it!

Hehehe… Thank you!

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Thank you AIVA

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Amazing bro ! Respect your efforts :)

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By far the best IF screenshot I’ve seen. Professionally taken. Well done!

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Amazing bro…

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I think it could be lighter, but other than that pretty cool!

I wish that there was an option in between “bad” and “amazing”.

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wow that is good

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When real life airlines asked for your simulator shot to be reposted, this just shows how amazing the photos are. I wish it is a bit bright but nonetheless Great job :))


By the way, the “there” in the title should be their.

I really love being the community English teacher😂