Thai Airways Smile Livery (A320 - 200)

Hi there!

With the A320 getting a minor rework I think it is about time that we add some new liveries to this beautiful plane! Such as this one (the Thai Smile) I think this will be a great addition to IF as it will certainly add some realism to flying domestic in Thailand! The Thai smile is Thai Airways domestic (in their own country) carrier, they operate from several airports such as Phuket! The livery consists of the signature TG tail with their logo and the word ‘smile’ in a brush font. The livery comes in the original livery as well as a special cartoon network livery!


If you think this is a good idea please vote to get this into IF!

See you in the skies!
Declan 🙂

Beautiful livery. If I could vote more specifically, definitely for the sharklets as well 😍


This looks like a feature request for 4 liveries. In case of liveries that are mostly similar, but have some differing factors, you should pick one version (registration) and request it


It is just a request for the main one not 4


Well I would say that even without the cartoon network one, there are still slight differences between them (sharklets, logo). idk, I’ll let the mods decide


I’m currently in the Thai VA, we need this livery!

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Love the look of these